2020 The Royal Menagerie £5

Weight28.28 g
Reverse DesignerTimothy Noad
Obverse DesignerJody Clark
QualityBrilliant Uncirculated

The Royal Menagerie £5 coin is the second coin in the 2020 Tower of London 4 coin collection. Designed by Timothy Noad, the menagerie’s story started in medieval times, when monarchs enjoyed exchanging rare and exotic animals as status symbols. Inspired by a wedding gift of three lions, Henry III began his own collection of animals at the Tower.

The Brilliant Uncirculated standard which comes in a finer finish than circulating coins is presented in fold-out packaging with more tales from the Tower. You can also purchase the Silver Proof Coin (Limited Edition 1,500), Silver Proof Piedfort Coin (Limited Edition 400) and Gold Proof Coin (Limited Edition 125).