2020 Christopher Robin 50p

Weight8.00 g
Reverse Designer©Disney
Obverse DesignerJody Clark
QualityBrilliant Uncirculated

This 2020 Christopher Robin 50p is the second 50p coin in the Winnie the Pooh and Friends Collection which celebrates Christopher Robin, the good friend of all the inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood and the inspiration behind the stories.

This Brilliant Uncirculated coin features the adventurous little boy ‘bump, bump, bump’-ing Pooh Bear down the stairs. Each coin comes with a fold-out case that takes you straight into the world of Christopher Robin and his friends.

This 2020 Christopher Robin 50p is finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard and comes with a fold-out wallet all about Christopher Robin and decorated with illustrations from the Winnie-the-Pooh storybooks.

It is also available as a Brilliant Uncirculated Colour Coin (Limited Edition 45,000), Silver Proof Coin (Limited Edition 18,000) and Gold Proof Coin (Limited Edition 525).