2020 Iguanodon 50p

Maximum Coin MintageUnlimited
Weight8.00 g
Reverse DesignerRobert Nicholls
Obverse DesignerJody Clark
QualityBrilliant Uncirculated

This 2020 Iguanodon 50p is the second in the 3 part coin set that celebrates the discovery of British Dinosaurs and was released in March 2020. British anatomist Richard Owen proposed the term ‘Dinosauria’ in 1842 and this comprised the first three dinosaurs to be discovered – the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, and Hylaeosaurus.

This coin features the Iguanodon, the first dinosaur ever formally identified which had large spikes on their thumbs. It is thought these spikes could have been used for defense against predators. As Iguanodons were large herbivores, it is unlikely these would have been used for hunting.

This 50p is available in Gold Proof, Silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated Quality.