2021 The Queens 95th Birthday Crown Jewels 50p

This 2021 The Queens 95th Birthday Crown Jewels 50p has been Issued on Behalf of the British Antarctic Territory to celebrate her Majesty’s birthday and become the first British monarch to reach that age.

The current Crown Jewels date back to 1661 as the previous Crown Jewels were melted down and used for coinage, as ordered by Parliament, in 1649.  The centrepiece of these coins is the Imperial State Crown or St Edward’s Crown, named after Edward the Confessor as it is believed the central sapphire was worn by the King in his ring.  The Imperial State Crown is set with jewels of great antiquity and historical significance and contains over 3,000 diamonds and pearls as well as fine sapphires, emeralds and rubies.  The design also includes the Orb, the Sceptre along with the Ampulla and Spoon.

This 50p coin is the second release in the series and is available as an Unc. Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish 50p Coin (Limited to 2750) and in Proof Sterling Silver (Limited to 199).